YMCA Maidstone

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Aims & Activities
Provide a welcome to members for themselves, in a meeting place which is theirs to share, where friendships can be made and counsel sought. Develop activities which stimulate and challenge its members in an environment that enables them to take responsibility and find a sense of achievement. Involve all members in care and work for others. Create opportunities for exchanging views, so that its members can improve their understanding of the world, of themselves and of one another. YMCA enables people to develop their full potential in mind, body and spirit. Inspired by, and faithful to our Christian values, we create supportive, inclusive and engaging communities where young people can truly belong, contribute and thrive.
Main Address
Maidstone YMCA, Melrose Close Cripple Street, Maidstone, ME15 6BD, United Kingdom
Main Tel Number
01622 749404
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